By William Shunn

'Inclination' by William Shunn

Release date: 26 May 2020

Nominated for the Hugo, Nebula, and Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Awards

“Outstanding. . . . It’s a fascinating future, and Jude’s personal story is involving.”

—Rich Horton, Locus Magazine

Jude Plane is not your typical teenage boy, even among the other kids in his cloistered religious enclave. He belongs to the Machinist Guild, a group that forbids the use of any technology more advanced than a doorknob. But advanced technology can be hard to avoid when you live in an overlooked corner of Netherview Station—a giant wheel in space, twelve light-years from Earth.

Jude wants to live an obedient life, whatever that means, but his resolve is put to the test when his abusive father sends him to work outside the enclave, unloading freight at the station’s hub. There Jude will make friends stranger than any he has ever known and will find himself confronted by choices he never imagined. But will he solve the biggest mystery of all—the mystery of who he is?

“An intelligent, well-crafted piece. . . . Shunn’s elaborate details about the religious rules and philosophies of this group form thought-provoking parallels with some of today’s funda­men­talist religious groups. It would not surprise me if this tale eventually finds a place in someone’s year’s best science fiction anthology.”

—Jeff Cates, Tangent

“A well-considered examination of a basic SF concern: the clash of differing technological levels, and how this (especially now) can cause the lower-tech culture to retreat into funda­men­talism. . . . Shunn gets a lot of good satirical digs in, and a contemporary dilemma is penetratingly illuminated.”

—Nick Gevers, Locus Magazine

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